Effective Professional Development (Video)

Last month I spoke at the Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer Summit, and the video of my 15 minute session (well, 17 minutes… sorry, all) is now available. You can view the video below or on YouTube, and you can access the slides, notes, and resources from the session in a previous post.

Naturally, I’d love to hear your comments below.

Note: The first half of the talk is background on CUE, The Google Teacher Academy, and CUE’s Google Workshops for Educators. The “effective PD” content starts just after the 9:45 mark if you want to jump ahead. :)

2 Replies to “Effective Professional Development (Video)”

  1. I love the idea of lead learner. I wonder if every teacher changed their title to lead learner if classrooms would begin to change.
    Really enjoyed your effective PD tips…so much of what makes good teaching/learning also applies to PD.
    Clark is a cutie pie :)

  2. You have a lot of great ideas that are very useful for teachers. Keep spreading the word to make changes and for people to keep themselves updated and current.

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