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Technology Integration in Education: What is it that makes it so hard?

Saturday, July 8th, 2006

What is it that makes it so hard? (Via Technology Integration in Education.) My wife and business partner, Eva, who is also a kindergarden teacher and site technology coordinator has started a blog that is not specific to her school – a blog meant for a wider readership. This is a link to her first post, a reflection on the difficulties of integrating technologies into education. I, for one, hope there’s more to come…

Incidentally, we debated about having her post here. I added her as an author on this blog and then hacked the default templates so it would say who made the post. In the end though neither one of us was totally sure that was the right way to go. This is the site we use for the business – and we’re partners now, but even so the blog still seemed wrapped up in my voice and my identity. I haven’t had to deal with this part of blogging in a while. We may do a little experimentation. :)