Links for 2010-02-06

  • Google looks to enter tablet war with Apple's iPad – Feb. 4, 2010
    Here's another (even more exciting) iPad related story: "As the fanfare over Apple's new iPad reaches a fever pitch, Google is not standing idly by. The search giant has already unveiled concept designs for its own version of a tablet, though it's unlikely that a Google tablet will hit store shelves until at least 2011."
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  • Textbook Publishers Embrace iPad Apps for Education
    Here's an interesting iPad in Education development: "Textbook publishers have already enlisted the third-party services of developers to build adaptations of textbooks for the iPad, the Wall Street Journal reports."
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2 Responses to “Links for 2010-02-06”

  1. ktenkely Says:

    The only company that could give Apple a run for it’s money on the tablet front is Google, I’m excited to see what they can come up with!
    I hope that the textbook publishers do more than create ebooks for the tablets. I hope that they have found people who will think completely out of the box on this one!

  2. Nicholas Provenzano Says:

    I’ve been dealing with textbook companies lately and the big part that I’m looking at is their online resources. Some have great extensions that allow the students and teachers to explore topics in greater detail. E-Texts hopefully will provide direct links from their material to their website or other sites using the 3G and/or WiFi to link great content. That would be a huge plus in my book.

    Also, a Google tablet would be great. Competition drives innovation. It can only be good for Apple to keep an eye over their shoulder. What’s good for Apple is good for everybody.

    – @TheNerdyTeacher