Links for 2009-06-28

  • The Life You Can Save
    I read this book on the plane ride out to NECC and was moved. It also influenced my thinking in the "Social Media and Social Change in Education" session. I highly recommend the book (and the actions it advocates). The site also has a link to a list of recommended organizations to donate to if you want to ensure your money is really helping the worlds most poor.
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2 Responses to “Links for 2009-06-28”

  1. Clare Says:

    Dr. Wagner,

    I have not yet read Peter Singer’s book, but I did follow the link to the website. I thought it worthy of note, and wanted to share with you, names of similar organizations that promote similar ideals. These organizations were not on the recommended list of organizations that the site had compiled thus far. Two such organizations are Kiva and Heifer International. I particullary like that Heifer offers educational resources to teachers and has field videos that my students can view in the classroom.

    I teach 7th grade ELA in an inner city New York school and for the past two years have started off my classes with a reading from the New York Times newspaper. It is titled “The Luckiest Girl” and was written by Nicholas D. Kristof. It tells the transforming story of a young girl whose family recieves the gift of a goat through the Heifer foundation.

    This story sets the tone for our class througout the year. My students, most of whom will never leave their own neighborhoods, are able to find meaning, hope, and a belief that their are possibilities beyond their stoops.

    Thank you for your post, book recommendation, and for the opportunity to return the favor.


  2. Mark Wagner, Ph.D. Says:

    Thanks, Clare. That’s a powerful story and I hope we see more and more of that sort of inspiration (and action) in schools. I was familiar with Kiva (and actually use Microplace instead), and it was great to hear about Heifer International. I hope othes will see that here as well – and I’ll be sure to include it when I put together my upcoming keynotes and workshops focused on the theme of “social, global, and green” education. :)