Introduction to Games in Education

Today I am delivering my Introduction to Games in Education Class (note: links to a zipped powerpoint presentation) at the Orange County Department of Education Educational Technology Center from 4pm to 7pm in the PC Lab.

Finally. :)

Perhaps this will put some momentum back in my research.


UPDATE: Here is a link to the Games in Education category in my FURL archive.

5 Responses to “Introduction to Games in Education”

  1. Jean-Claude Bradley Says:

    Mark – nice overview. Also, thanks for showing the Unreal Tournament work. This term I have actually been using the free educational version of UT that does not have weapons and running races instead of deathmatches in my organic chemistry class.

  2. Bill MacKenty Says:

    Nice Mark!

    May I host this powerpoint file locally? I’ll include link back to this page.


  3. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thank you for the comment, and for the update, Jean-Claude. The images of the weapons in the presentation did raise some eyebrows.

  4. Mark Wagner Says:

    Jean-Claude added this in an email: “The nice thing about the educational version also is that it is very lightweight – 15Meg program. Easy to demo on most computers.”