Social, Global, and Green: Education in A Changing World

I’m looking ahead to the CLMS/CLHS Tech conference in San Diego December 4-6. Once again I’m helping to recruit potential speakers. I’m hoping that some of you (particularly those of you in Southern California) might be interested in answering the call for submissions… and I hope that the working theme for the conference might inspire you as well:

Social, Global, and Green: Education in A Changing World

Societies around the globe are experiencing a time of rapid change. Educators, parents, and politicians are realizing that a new sort of tools – and a new sort of ethics – will be required for the next generation of students to be successful in the face of these new challenges.

Join K-12 teachers, administrators, and technology leaders to explore how social media can be used to effect positive social change. Discover how students too can use powerful (and often free) tools to make a real difference in their world. Expert presenters and exhibitors will share ways in which they’ve collaborated with colleagues, connected their classrooms to others around the world, and helped to bring green initiatives to their schools and communities. Learn to engage all students (including English learners, special education, and GATE students), by bringing new meaning and relevance to the work they do in class. These same technologies can also be used for innovative new forms of assessment and data collection – which can help schools meet the expectations of a society demanding greater accountability and greater transparency from public servants.

Will Richardson is lined up to keynote the event, and I hope many of you might be speaking there as well. If you’re interested in joining us, here’s a link to the call for presenters form:

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