CUE 2009 Submissions: Maybe You Should Drive

In the past I’ve shared my major conference submissions on this blog, particularly at this time of year, when I try to update old sessions and dream up new ones for CUE and NECC. Three weeks ago (on September 12th) I submitted eight new or updated sessions for CUE 2009: Driving Student Achievement. I took a very bare-bones approach to my submissions this year, so most of these are very short, but I feel good about the ideas none-the-less. Below are the titles and descriptions of the eight sessions. Click through for the abstracts as well (in rtf format) – some include outlines, others are very brief.

Blogs, Wikis, and Google Docs:
Which one is right for your lesson?

(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
Why use a wiki when you have a blog? When should you use Google Docs instead of a wiki? This session will clear up your confusion and free your creativity. Abstract

Build a Better Browser:
An Overview of Firefox Themes & Extensions for Educators
(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
Rediscover the web! Firefox is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable. Learn how themes and extensions can be used to turn your web browser into the ultimate learning machine. Abstract

I Want To Believe:
What’s the research value of Wikipedia and Knol?
(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
Anyone can publish anything online. So what’s the value of information on collaborative sites like Wikipedia and Google’s Knol? Learn how students can make the most of what they find. Abstract

Maybe You Should Drive:
Taking Control of Your Own Professional Development

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
New tools provide powerful ways to find solutions, expand horizons, and pursue passions – whenever and wherever you want. Learn what tools to use, and how to use them most effectively. Abstract

Learning to Network and Networking to Learn:
Beyond The Tools…

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
There’s always new web tools, but it’s more important to become part of an online learning network than to master any specific tool. Learn how to connect, converse, and contribute. Abstract

Search, Learn, Share:
An Introduction to Google Tools in Education (An Update)

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
Google tools such as search, Docs, Sites, and Maps are standards for educators. Learn how the latest from Google, including Knol, Lively, Chrome, and more, can create even greater impact! Abstract

Twitter Me This:
Join a Global Learning Community & Feel Good About It

(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
It’s a blog, it’s an IM… no it’s Twitter – more efficient than email or RSS! Learn to connect with others, discover resources, and share what you’re doing using “social microblogging.” Abstract

Note: I still need a new title for this – “Twitter Me This” has been used often elsewhere.

We all Scream for Ustream:
An Introduction to Video Streaming in Education

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
Any lesson can be an episode in an online show for students! Discover how streaming video can also create a permeable classroom. Learn tricks like how to share your desktop. Abstract

Note: In retrospect, I think this should’ve been a 20 minute CUEtips session. ;)

Ultimately, I hope you’ll be interested in these – I’d appreciate any feedback or questions you have. Whether or not these sessions are selected for CUE, I’m likely to present them elsewhere this year… and I can always make adjustments as I flesh these out for the upcoming NECC submission deadline. :)

4 Responses to “CUE 2009 Submissions: Maybe You Should Drive”

  1. Eveyn Cruz Says:

    I am new to blogging, twittering, or just about everything you’ve listed in your sesions. I started blogging and twittering but have not been too productive. I am looking forward to attending the CUE conference to obtain skills especially in the areas of learning to network and networking to learn. I am a science head teacher and I am presently working on my PhD in Educational Leadership. I know these skills will be helpful in my present leadership position and definitely in the future when I move into an administrative leadership position. Finding out about this conference has been my first succesful blogging result!

  2. Eric Jarvis Says:

    Your sessions look GREAT!

    Unfortunately, my district blocks just about every tool you’re presenting (including Google Docs).

    I keep putting pressure on my district to unblock some of these resources. I’d love to see a session for I.T. directors that dispels some of the fears of Web 2.0.

    I’ll will be attending some of your presentations and will continue to work to implement some of these tools and educational strategies in my district.

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