Links for 09/21/2008

  • PodPiper’s Digital Education » Blog Archive » Copyright-friendly Digital Images and Media Ted Lai helps us find images online that students and teachers have permission to use in their projects. tags: images
  • Walden – Commencement I’m thinking about doing this in January. The end of my Ph.D. program was a bit anti-climactic. I added my credentials to my bio and cards etc, but there was no party, no vacation, no new hobby – with Clark now I don’t think I’ll be taking up race car driving after all… but we’ll see… I did just buy my first set of golf clubs ever, though. :) tags: walden, andlife
  • News from The Associated Press While “not every kid is a gamer” becomes less and less true, “not every gamer likes the same games” becomes more and more true. Both were themes in the literature when I was researching for my dissertation. tags: gamesined
  • Addict-o-matic This site looks very cool (and has some features of a product I’ve started moving forward with – I’ll have to adjust). This links to a sample search using “Google Teacher Academy.” Addict-o-matic brings back and displays results from various other services. It’s a somewhat more visual (and customizable) meta search engine I guess. tags: search
  • spartaconnections » home Here’s the wiki for the course mentioned in the previous link, again sent to me by GCT Erica Hartman. tags: socialsoftware
  • Connections 6th Grade GCT Erica Hartman mentioned this out-of-the-box course, so I asked if she had any links she could send me. This document was one: “Connections is a unique and ground breaking class that is a hybrid of writing across the curriculum, critical thinking and analysis, research, technology, communications, problem solving, and current events.” tags: socialsoftware
  • Barack Obama | Change We Need | Watch Barack’s Speech on Education If you haven’t seen it (and want to), here’s a 35 minute speech from Barack Obama on his education policy. I’ve reviewed it in this blog before – and may post a review of this video later. tags: politics, obama, education
  • The Thinking Stick | NSDC and conversations Jeff responded to a comment from me and let me know that this post was links to the origin of the 25% PD figure. I’ll want to cite this in the future, probably for my “Maybe You Should Drive: Taking Control of Your Own Professional Development” session at CUE if not sooner. tags: professionaldevelopment, pd
  • The Thinking Stick | My 25% PD I was wanting to site Jeff Utecht’s old “25% PD” philosophy and my initial search turned up this representative post. tags: professionaldevelopment, pd
  • Video for Education Edition – Google Apps for Administrators If you haven’t seen this yet… it’s great that Google is adding this service to Google Apps, and it’s great that it will be free for education (for a while), but this $10 per user gets ugly really fast in schools. I remember turning down services that wanted $1 per user as too expensive: “Google Video for education will be free to Education Edition customers until March 8th 2009. After March 8th, 2009, the cost of the video service will be $10 per user per year.” tags: video

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  1. Kevin Jarrett Says:


    As you know I teach at Walden (MSEd program) and I must say, you HAVE to go to commencement – ideally, with many of your freshly-minted PhD counterparts. While you’ve had residencies and gotten to know your classmates pretty well, the experience of walking onstage and getting hooded is truly awesome. Though I only have my Masters, I attended commencement in 2007 as a faculty member, and got to sit on the stage and watch the proceedings. True, some say it’s just a ceremony, but it didn’t look that way in the eyes of the people I saw! It truly does provide closure to years and years of hard work and gives you a moment to pause and reflect on your accomplishment. I know it’s hard to get away with Clark and all, but, you MUST go!

    Congratulations again,

    Kevin Jarrett
    Part-Time Faculty
    Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership
    Walden University