Ready To Ditch Diigo… Suggestions?

Despite this thoughtful tweet, I’m now welcomed by the message below when I check in on my daily blog post settings at diigo. Well, I’m not loving this service. Any suggestions?



Sorry, we are either doing a backend upgrade, or experiencing some temporary difficulties.

Please try again later.

If the problem persists, please kindly report to us.

2 Responses to “Ready To Ditch Diigo… Suggestions?”

  1. Miguel Guhlin Says:

    Mark, you weren’t alone! I encountered the same issue and was disappointed to see that my linkrolls from Diigo just weren’t working. Since Diigo has been automatically adding anything I bookmark to Delicious, I just switched to Delicious linkrolls.

    In spite of that outage, I still like Diigo because of the highlighting and annotating, not to mention the ability to email my highlighted notes/comments about a web page to someone or embed it in my edublog.

    What I profoundly dislike is the advertising that appears in Diigo as well as some of the poor interfaces–although they did make some improvements in some areas–for message handling and in groups. They’re working on that, so I try to keep a spotlight shining on those issues…they have been very responsive, more so than Delicious.

    Yet, the outage highlights an important point for me-Should Delicious add highlighting and annotating to its service, I’d prob switch back in a heartbeat because there aren’t any ads and Delicious is drop-dead simple to teach.

    In the meantime, keep working with Diigo! You can’t lose at this point to have access to the best of both worlds!


  2. Miguel Guhlin Says:

    Oops…I forgot. Here’s my entry on Delicious Linkrolls:

    I also mentioned the Diigo outage here:

    and shared what problems it caused me on my web sites.