What’s next for edtechlife?

The question in the title of this post won’t be answered here… it’s actually a question for you, the readers. Now that I’ve finally finished my doctoral program, I’m kicking around all kinds of ideas related to growing this business. So far, I’m doing exciting and fulfilling work, but I own a job, not a business – and I’d like very much to move beyond that. I’d also like to be able to make more of an impact on teachers and students than I am able to as an individual consultant. Ideally, I’d love to find a way to tap into the amazing community of enthusiastic educators and educational technologists I learn from online so that more of us might be able to pursue profitable work that effects change on a greater scale.

What I do is very much wrapped up in what I learn from all of you online, so I thought it might be appropriate to put this question to you. If you are so inclined, please take this brief poll – and feel free to share your own ideas in the “other” selection or to leave other thoughts in the comments.

I very much look forward to your feedback. And keep in mind this is just a first crack at these ideas – and at this way of collecting feedback… be kind. There are also many more ideas to come. Some just didn’t fit here.

I know this post isn’t about student learning – and that might put some folks off, but this post might model a new way of learning – and of gathering data for decision making in the era of the social web. Of course, I’d wager that some of you might even have some better ideas about how I might tap into the community to help grow this business. If so, please share. :)

Then again, some of you might be put off by me asking for free business advice and ideas… but I still feel like we’re all part of a large learning community that is working towards a greater good and that is the spirit in which I ask for your feedback. Can you tell I’m a bit nervous about this?

Oh, incidentally, I’ll obviously be looking for folks to work with me in the future, regardless of the directions I decide to explore. So if you’re interested – or if you have any hair brained ideas for working together – please let me know. ;)

UPDATE: I’m thrilled to be getting responses to the poll and in the comments. Here is a chart of the results:

8 Responses to “What’s next for edtechlife?”

  1. Cory Plough Says:

    Mark, I don’t mind at ALL that you are asking for free business advice, Any business that is trying to help educators is okay in my book and more than glad to contribute in anyway possible. You are a valuable asset to my/our PLN, and your ideas are very interesting.

  2. Youssef Elias Says:

    Mark, I’d love to see a company that provides technology integration institutes for technology coordinators of smaller school districts. In my working with teachers outside of my own school district, I’ve noticed that they don’t have the support structure that bigger districts have. Just an idea!!

  3. Paul Wood Says:

    Mark, Interesting question. I was intrigued by the thought of an outsourced ed tech coordinator. It got me to thinking whether or not a person from an outside source would have greater influence than someone on the inside that people get to know better. So very often it seems as though the ones on the inside eventually aren’t heard because they get tuned out. I may need to think about this one some more but I am going with that one. Hmmm!

  4. Tom Turner Says:

    I look forward to seeing your polling questions. I cannot see them on my Bberry, so I will have to wait.

    I likewise have no qualms about asking for help/advice, and would be willing to help you out in any way that I could. Will reply more when I read the poll.

  5. Alice Mercer Says:

    I’m going to suggest something wacky. One of the best projects using video at my school this year was done in the after school SES tutoring program. This is tutoring provided under NCLB. The bad news is that it’s got a lot of paperwork, it’s standards based, and you have a plan for each kid to meet a standard. The good news is it pays very well for public school based program (the tutors got $50 an hour) with only have 4-6 students, and the program I was with the head guy was very flexible about the delivery of instruction model. So one of the tutors had a background in film, and had kids do some videos on shadows and angles and another on graphing linear equations (x+2 = y) using stop action. I need to strip the copyrighted music he added out, so I can post it.

    You need three personalities (although it could be in one or two people) to make a program like this work, someone who knows the paperwork/admin part of it, someone who knows the standards, and the creative type who can come up with a project to fit the need.

    It’s probably not what you were thinking of, but I thought I’d throw it out there?

  6. Alev Elci Says:

    Although I have selected “A new kind of school for students” in the survey; I would prefer “A new kind of teacher, school, and environment for students”.

  7. Kern Kelley Says:

    Hi Mark,
    What about a place I could send my students for safe, meaningful contact. I mean, if I have students that would benefit from real connections and edtechlife is doing the legwork of making sure that they connect with legit, safe, quality people that would be stellar. Really a resource for students to be able to do the personal development that we’re doing with our own PLN’s. Just a thought…

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