iPhone for Kindergarteners (Or Younger Kids!)

I’m now a proud iPhone owner (and loving it), and I’m noticing when people mention new ways the amazing (though expensive) handheld Internet devices can be used in education. My colleague Lainie McGann from the Newport-Mesa USD shared with me this email from Colleen Gurney, a Kindergarten teacher in the district:

During parent-teacher conferences a dad said how his little girl loves to look on his iPhone at the weather to see the temperature. So I told him that would be great to keep discussing Fahrenheit, Celsius, degrees, and what not. I also said that if she likes the iPhone, it would be great for her to look at the Calendar to practice the days of the week, months of the year, and yesterday/today/tomorrow (all good Kinder skills). The clock is also a good tool because it is one of the few analog clocks left in this world and practice time to the hour is also a K standard. So how about that? The iPhone is fun for parents and educational for kids!”

The image above is Colleen’s daughter Natalie flipping through pictures of herself on her mother’s iPhone. When do you think 6 week old Clark will be ready to do his first Google search with my iPhone? ;)

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  1. k8iek Says:

    Great insight from Newport Mesa. Nice use of resources.

  2. Robert Sharl Says:

    My 7 year old has got the hang of going into the Apple store, heading for the iPhones, firing up YouTube, and searching for “High School Musical” or “Hannah Montana”. Seriously. I’m finding it hard to get her out of the place. I don’t have an iPhone, but she knows there’s a speaker on it, unlike my iPod touch..

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  4. Maggie Says:

    As an elementary teacher, (and one who will be returning to the kindergarten classroom next year), I continue to be amazed at how our young students’ knowledge of technology outpaces our own. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, however, when I consider that my retired parents still call one of us to reset the time on their VCR whenever the power goes out! Recently, I have been learning much more about all of the available technology tools that are available for me to use as an instructor. One that I didn’t consider was the iPhone. Your article has caused me to reflect upon the fact that technology exists in many forms all around me and that I don’t need to develop complicated lesson plans in order to access it. I simply need to look at what is already available in the day-to-day lives of my students and let the “teachable moments” flow from there. After all, they are the experts.

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  6. MelodiP Says:

    Even as a technology integration specialist for elementary schools, I am truly amazed by the fact that an iphone can be used as an educational tool. I just receieved an email from a software company which will load remote software that will allow students to use specific cell phones and iphones as remote response devices. I would love to see how this would work. We need to start rethinking what and how we teach. This is just another device that will transform education. It is a hugely challenging time to be an educator. The world is changing around us (Richardson, 2009).

    Richardson, W. (2009). Blogs, wiks, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

  7. Michael K Says:

    It might be interesting to note that are quite a few educational apps being developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch for kids of all ages. I developed one such app, called “I See Ewe” , targeted at expanding the vocabulary of toddlers and preschoolers. The app uses colorful pictures plus verbal and tactile interaction to challenge the child to find the picture associated with a (spoken) word. You can find more about it at . I wouldn’t say I am targeting “in classroom” use with this app, though I have had a few teachers tell me they are doing that, it is more of a parent/child activity.

  8. julie Says:



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  9. Mark Wagner, Ph.D. Says:

    Very cool, Julie. Thanks for sharing here. I just bought this for my son Clark (17 months). He already loves letters, so I can’t wait to see him try it. :)