Photos of Clark Kelley Wagner

As Robert Craven let me know, “your entire job as a father hinges on if you did a good job getting pictures and video up, that’s it.” Finally, I’ve got a “best of Clark Kelley” photo gallery together. I chose 24 photos from the 2 gigs I took during Clark’s first days. I came across the limits of my free Flickr account for the first time, but I posted 17 of the photos there with titles and descriptions:

Clark Kelley Wagner is Born (Flickr)

And though it took much longer to upload them, I also got all the pictures posted on Picasa Web with no space limits:

Clark’s First Days (Picasa Web)

No, there’s no good reason the photo sets have different titles; I worked on it bit by bit all afternoon. In any case, I’m always happy to read comments about the boy if you care to leave any. Now to send these links off to friends and family who won’t read this blog… via old fashioned email. ;)

7 Responses to “Photos of Clark Kelley Wagner”

  1. Dan Serrato Says:

    Yep. I’d have to agree with Robert about the dad duty. Especially if family doesn’t live close by. All grandparents want is for you to share photos and video of the grandkid. Oh, by the way, whenever relatives come to visit… it’s not to visit with you anymore. It’s all about the kid!! he he he

    Great photos. Keep up the good work and try to get rest.


  2. Nancy Hampton Says:

    Okay, so you’ve noticed why we come to visit! My daughter noticed that when they came here to visit from St. Louis. I was a magnet right to Toby (two months). She took her Dad aside and said, “Boy, Mom didn’t even give me a hug first.”

    Enjoy every minute with Clark–he will go up fast! :)

  3. Jenith Mishne Says:

    Mark & Eva,
    Thanks for the photos. He is gorgeous! I also saw that shot of Eva and thought she looked absolutely glamorous or well glowing….You are a beautiful family. I can’t wait to meet him!

  4. Jenith Mishne Says:

    Always available for babysitting, although I know you have many of those around….
    I helped my sister raise her three…so I know the drill…that is what you get live 2 blocks from each other….I love it!

  5. mike guerena Says:

    Congrats on the new kid Mark and welcome to the parent club. Babies are coming from everywhere in the last few months.

  6. Amanda Kunes Says:


    Congratulations on your baby boy. He is beautiful. I hope you both are getting some rest and adjusting to your new hectic schedule. It’s great fun, it’s it!