“Blog If You Love Learning” for Gifted Students

I’m here with educators who teach gifted students, and we’re talking about blogs and the read/write web. I’m asking them these three familiar questions (participant responses are in italics):

  • What is a blog? An online journal, social interaction, a place to share opinions & hobbies, interactive tool for communication, web-based, it’s a web log.
  • What is the read/write web? The interactive part of the web – where you can read and respond.
  • What do these technologies mean for your students? It’s more collaborative, it’s a quick publishing tool (for younger students), it’s free, it’s very accessible, it gives students an audience beyond the teacher.

This is enough to get us started, so we’re off…

5 Responses to ““Blog If You Love Learning” for Gifted Students”

  1. Mark Wagner Says:

    Great first thoughts from the folks… can’t wait to hear what they want to do at the end of the hour!

  2. Melanie Ruiz Says:

    I hate that I had to miss this session! I really want to learn more about how to have my students blog meaningfully.

  3. Sylvia Grider Says:

    This was an very interesting workshop. I can’t wait to get back and lead my teachers to start this in their classes. This is higher level thinking in a very practical, digital learning arena.

  4. David McDivitt Says:

    I am starting a new AP World History Course at Oak Hill High School in Converse, IN next year and I plan to make blogging a major part of their writing assignments. I have been using blogs in my sociology course for a couple of years and a couple of teacher aspects that I love about blogging is 1. it is paperless 2. I can read and assess them from anywhere I have internet access. 3. They are public (even if just within the class) and that increases the seriousness of thought and writing.

  5. Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » Blogs and Wikis for (Gifted) Students Says:

    […] I am also sympathetic to a comment I received by email from one of my colleagues who read the interactive demo post from the blogging workshop. I’m sharing his thoughts here in a slightly edited excerpt: Gifted students conferences simply outline what we should be doing with all of our students. All educators need to subscribe to the notion that every child is gifted. Schools should endeavor to more fully develop each kid’s gifts in equal fashion. […]