The Steve Jobs Keynote From An Educator’s Perspective

I’ll be live blogging the “Stevenote” here if at all possible. I’ll begin posting updates sometime after 9am PST, including pictures from my Ghetto phone (my Treo). If for some reason I can’t use my laptop I’ll probably just use twitter, so check my updates if there’s nothing here:

Since there will undoubtedly be many more mainstream bloggers covering it better and more quickly than I’ll be able to manage, I’ll do my best to deliver the news from an educator’s perspective so that this blog (or my twitter updates) might provide an additional benefit for my colleagues.

Leave me a comment this morning if you have any other suggestions, ideas, or requests.

3 Responses to “The Steve Jobs Keynote From An Educator’s Perspective”

  1. Janice Stearns Says:

    Hi Mark
    I look forward to your reports. I wish I were there. Can’t wait to see what’s announced.

  2. Benton Melbourne Says:

    Wow! That is exciting to see you are there. Say hi to Steve for us.