Links for 2007-12-21

2 Responses to “Links for 2007-12-21”

  1. britne Says:

    I’ve used it, and I love it. The free version, iSquint, can convert .avi files (and others, I think, but .avi is all I really use) to .mp4 files for the iPod. The company also offers a premium product, Visual Hub, that does more – but I haven’t tried it out.
    Here’s their actual website: []

  2. Dennis G Says:

    I’ve also used iSquint and found it useful, although it will not convert files created in Windows PhotoStory3. These must be converted with Windows Media Encoder first. I’ve also used a handy utility similar iSquint called Handbrake. This is very useful in converting DVD’s to iPod – and quite easy to use.