Link: Reexamin Social Network Policy Says The NSBA

(Via 2 Cents Worth.) David Warlick writes about a pleasantly shocking report from the National School Board Association that schools should not let the nearly non-existant danger from stalkers and predators deter them from exploring the educational use of social networking sites. Click through to read Warlick’s take, or read the original NSBA Report (pdf).

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  1. Teach42 · Social Networking: The Good, the Bad, and the NSBA Says:

    […] Well now, isn’t that a fun way to kick off a report on social networking amongst students? The NSBA has completed a study of 1277 9-17 year old students, 1039 parents and 250 district leaders who make the policies for their schools. The report was sent out to the media a week or two ago, but was just released officially today. Are bloggers media? Based on how many have already reviewed the study, I’d have to say we certainly think we are! […]

  2. Jeni Says:

    Thank you for sharing your work online — especially your IRB documents. I appreciate the example and when I have some good examples of my own to share, I shall do likewise and put them online for others. The IRB paperwork is such a beast, so daunting, particularly when it comes to navigating it for technology projects.

    Your project sounds really intriguing. I hope, at this point, you’re progressing well. The Delphi method is an interesting approach. As a change management/leadership aficionado, I’m interested in the way you’ve combined leadership/business and constructivism/education to study a popular technology.

    Best wishes with your study!