iLife for Windows? Picasa, Audacity, and MovieMaker

I’m leading a workshop at the Orange County Department of Education this morning. The topic is Picasa, Audacity, and MovieMaker. I’ve taught each as a separate workshop in the past, and a few times as all one workshop (including at the CUE conference). In my mind, this combination is the closest you can come to iLife for Windows (especially for free). So, I’ve thrown together a wiki to connect the wikis I’ve created for each tool in the past. Enjoy:

I’m considering consolidating all of these workshop wikis in one place. I’ll leave the old ones of course, but it might be nice to have everything under one roof, perhaps – a site that is basically empty right now… the Google ads don’t even kick in. I might even pay to upgrade to a wikispaces Plus or higher plan – and get a custom url. Just thinking out loud… or on blog. If you have any suggestions or feedback, though, please let me know in the comments.

3 Responses to “iLife for Windows? Picasa, Audacity, and MovieMaker”

  1. Mathew Says:

    Sounds like a great workshop though those tools don’t quite compare to the real iLife, particularly the newest version shipping this week.

  2. Skip Offenhauser Says:

    Thanks for this wiki. I am the new instructional technologies coordinator in a district that is totally windows. To try to recreate the iLife experience is difficult but the tools you selected are a good attempt and are the ones I am focusing on too. Your resources saved me some time. Any hints on how to convince the techies that Macs are alive and well in the this world and can co-exist on our school network?

  3. Mark Wagner Says:


    I’m catching up on flagged email/comments and realized I never responded to your question… of course at this point I’m learning that the iPhone is quickly winning IT departments over to Apple. ;)

    I think the best tactic might be to give them a Mac. Let them work on it a few days, realize their Windows files (and email etc) still works, and fall in love with iLife. If you’re dealing with a systems administrator, show them how easy it is to add a Mac to Active Directory using Directory Access (in utilities). Also, of course, getting them an Intel based mac and allowing them to install windows, too, goes a long way.

    The other key is to remember that their resistance isn’t irrational – that there are logistical and technical concerns (especially with enterprise services like Exchange and many SIS systems), and that every OS has it’s pros and cons.

    At any rate, on with Friday evening…


    And, Mathew, of course I agree, but we have to help teachers use (the very powerful and effective) computers they have. :)