What am I doing?

Between catching up from NECC, preparing to be gone for another conference next week (followed by vacation), taking on a new (volunteer) project, keeping up with my long-term work, and starting in on Chapter three of my dissertation, I haven’t wound up posting anything new here on this blog. (By Monday I hope to have chapter three up.) I have, though, had an active online presence this week. I’ve been posting updates to twitter, and following a host of colleagues there. Please check it out if you’re interested: http://twitter.com/markwagner/

I suspect I have another blog post about twitter coming up… it’s a strangely engaging communication “tool” and others are already starting to write a great deal about how it might be useful in education – to say nothing of it’s social significance. Here’s a few sample (in no particular order, though I tried for chronological):

Idea: TwitterStory where everyone contributes… (Via theory.isthereason.)

Twitter in the Classroom? (Via 2 Cents Worth.)

Twitter Me This: Brainstorming Potential Educational Uses for Twitter (Via http://eduspaces.net/csessums/weblog/rss.)

Twitter: Ephemeral Learning Tool (Via A Difference.)

I Feel Like a Twit Part II (Via The Four Eyed Technologist.)

TwitterLit is genius » Slacker Manager (Via A Teacher’s Life.)

twittergram.com can now handle wav files (Via Scripting News.)

A new journalism tool? Twitter? (Via Scobleizer – Microsoft Geek Blogger.)

I think I missed a few good posts on twitter in education I’ve seen recently, so if you know of any, please post them in the comments. Meanwhile, I still need to get my own mind around this and see what comes out as I process it.

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  1. Cathy Nelson Says:

    I can tell from this you’ve been busy. I spent the first night at home last night in a good 20 days–I was in Myrtle Beach from Jun 17-23 for the SC Association of School Administrators (for a presentation and to attend this conference), then off to Atlanta for Edublogger Con and NECC, then off to Chicago for my oldest son’s moving day–from dorm to apartment! Just got home yesterday. The apartment and location have “Mom’s safety stamp of approval” now. Longest 20 consecutive days I’ve had in a long time. Hope the diss. is going well.

  2. BrianCrosby Says:


  3. Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » Another Attempt To Explain Twitter Says:

    […] A good deal has been written about the educational potential of something like Twitter (and there are competing services… jaiku and Pownce for instance). I linked to some of the most illuminating posts soon after NECC here: http://edtechlife.com/?p=1803 […]