Link: Research Journals with RSS feeds

Research Journals with RSS feeds (Via Stephen’s Untold Stories.) Stephen posted a link to a wiki… with links to academic journals that have RSS feeds. Incase that might be useful to other academics who read this blog (or search for such a thing), I’m passing it on here. Direct Link: Research Journals with RSS Feeds

2 Responses to “Link: Research Journals with RSS feeds”

  1. Marie Sontag Says:

    Mark – Wow! The link to the Research Journals was a gold mine! I used Google Reader for the first time, and figured out how to use it so I can get updates on what some of the journals are publishing. I was not aware of this tool. The amount of information available at our fingertips can overwhelm us – but I have a feeling this tool will prove invaluable. THanks for taking the time to blog about it.

  2. Mark Wagner Says:


    I’m going through flagged comments & email tonight and saw that I never responded to this. I’m glad you found the link useful. I also popped over to your blog and finally subscribed. I know there’s not many posts, but I hope you’ll keep it up. The sharing always helps. ;)

    Take care.