Second Life at NECC

DSCN0235.JPGSecond Life has a big presence at the edubloggercon and at the aquarium last night. Personally, I’m drawing the line at spending time in a virtual world while we’re all here in Atlanta. But, I’m definitely reinvigorated about the possibilities and there is no arguing that others are too. I started taking pictures of all the SL booths in the “Playground” here on level 2 (near the blogger’s cafe), but quickly realized that a video was the best way to capture it. So, here you are… my first TeacherTube upload: Direct Link (The embedding doesn’t seem to work with WordPress… any one have any tips?)

4 Responses to “Second Life at NECC”

  1. Jodie Says:

    We too saw the Second Life playground at the aquarium. Thanks for posting your video documenting this to Regarding the embed, we have a special embed code for WordPress. This code appears below the regular Embeddable code on the left of the video. Please let me know if it is the WordPress embed code that is not working for you.


  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Hi, Jodie. Thanks for the comment… unfortunately it is the wordpress code that isn’t working for me. Does it require a particular version of wordpress – or any particular features to be activated? I’m always happy to link, but embedding would be much cooler. :)


    PS. Thanks for TeacherTube. ;)

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