Link: Dispelling media myths about online predation

Dispelling media myths about online predation (Via EdVentures in Technology.) Though the dangers are real, I am always on the lookout for posts like this that help to dispell some of the histeria surrounding the dangers of the Internet. I’m not surprised to see it come via danah boyd.

2 Responses to “Link: Dispelling media myths about online predation”

  1. John Martin Says:

    Glad you found this helpful. Like you, I’d like to start collecting these resources and creating a tag that reflects their intent. Any ideas as to a brief but descriptive tag that gets to the heart of the matter?


  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thanks for the comment… and boy, good question. I like the name of… a good tag might be saveyourspace – or else something simple (but long) like InternetAwareness. I always lead in with that term before any discussion of “safety” myself. Awareness is the key for both understanding the educational potential and understanding the dangers.