Changes (for the worse) at

I’m a big fan of online surveys and have taught many teachers and administrators to use specifically. They’ve rolled out a major overhaul of their interface… and I don’t think I like it. I was excited at first of course, but it is VERY SLOW – and for no trade off in cool new features that I can see. And, I had to redo some things I’ve done before. Bummer… so far.

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  1. Larry Ferlazzo Says:


    You might be interested in this post about the various online survey tools that I use:

  2. Ryan Finley Says:

    Sorry about the problems you experienced yesterday. We had a unforseen glitch when everyone logged on to the new site after Memorial Day weekend. We have the issues resolved, and we are expanding our capacity to give us more breathing room.

    If you have any questions on the new functionality, please be sure to email us. We also have a conversion guide under our “Help Center”.


    President –

  3. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thanks, Ryan. It’s great to get a personal response on my blog from you… and to hear that these were only temporary problems. I look forward to discovering any new features and continuing to use the service.

    Incidentally, though, have you got any sort of education outreach program or are you aware of other educators making creative use of SurveyMonkey?


  4. Mark Wagner Says:

    Larry. I’m glad you left this link. You’ve covered a lot of tools and I’m sure it will be helpful to others that come across this post. BTW, did you see the response from Ryan Finley in the comments, too?

  5. Karen Says:

    Are there any other survey tools you’d recommend our there. We had problems the surveymonkey switch over too.

  6. Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » Some Cool Features at Surveymonkey After All Says:

    […] So, back on may 29th I posted about a major slow down at Surveymonkey after their big upgrade. Ryan Finley, the presendent of the company, commented to explain that the problem had been solved. Last week I had the chance to create some new surveys from scratch, and there are indeed some cool new features… and I like the interface for reading results better, too. I don’t want to go into detail – I just wanted to be sure to leave a positive post in the wake of the negative one. In short, I’m still happy with my Surveymonkey account, and it’s even better now than before. […]

  7. Jim Says:

    Karen, if you had time just try I bet they are the guys who has any type of reports and features that you would seek for.