Link: Stop Disasters

Stop Disasters (Via J.D. Williams.) Mr. Williams points to a serious game I hadn’t seen yet. It looks cool enough that I almost started playing just now… until I realized I was procrastinating on my writing. In any case, Stop Disasters! aims to educate students (aged 9-16.. or anyone) about how to prepare for (and prevent loss of life during) natural disasters, such as Tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes. These are timely topics and I’d love the chance to play this with students myself. Please let me know if you try it, especially with students.

Ok… procrastination over.

3 Responses to “Link: Stop Disasters”

  1. J.D. Williams Says:

    It is a procrastination tool. I mean, you have to try things out before you use them in class right? Thats why I bought a nintendo Wii last week, just to see the educational benefits of it. My arms are tired now.

    On a serious note, I found this link via Ewan McIntosh’s post, and in it he says that someone else he reads linked to it. Ahh, the power of RSS.

    I showed it to my class one afternoon and told them that we’d play it the next day. I was going to have them all play the same “disaster” (I have a 1:1 laptop environment in my classroom) at the same time and see who could get the highest score. I didn’t link to it on my classroom blog. A few of my students wrote down or (gasp) remembered the web site and played it that night.. a lot I’m guessing, because they easily got higher scores than the first time players. They all did enjoyed playing it though. I had only played it once before I used it in class and almost all of the students scored higher than I did.

  2. Mark Wagner Says:


    I’m just catching up on comments to say thanks… and thank you for sharing this story. It’s great to hear about a real classroom implementation. Don’t be surprised if I point people your way that want stories from real teachers. ;)