Link: Paris – Days 1-3 of our class trip (and other student blogs)

Paris – Days 1-3 of our class trip (Via Flog.) These students posted to their teacher’s blog as they visited Paris over the spring break.

I included this as an example of student blogging when I iChatted with Ted Lai this morning. I also mentioned the list of student bloggers at, and my favorite student blogger, casper.

2 Responses to “Link: Paris – Days 1-3 of our class trip (and other student blogs)”

  1. Randi Beckley Says:

    Hi Mark,
    Wow, cool, am I famous now? LOL We had so much fun in Paris and it was just a wonderful tool for sharing the trip with the students that could not come along. Since we missed two days of school, I scheduled my classes to go to the library both days to take a “virtual” trip to Paris. On the blog, while in Paris, the students and I posted daily journals of our trip, as well as photo albums that we loaded on Snapfish and linked on Flog. The students at school had so much fun reading the blogs and looking at our pics, in nearly “real” time. I think it really expanded their learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. Their comments were such a pleasure to read, and I can’t wait to get back to school to address all of their questions. I was wondering though if there would’ve been a better way to post all 200 pics on Flog – doing them one at a time would’ve been a nightmare, so I used the Snapfish album and just posted the link to that. Can you suggest anything that would’ve been better? I was also wondering how you even knew about this event?? I think it’s cool that you shared it though! Thanks for all of your support!

  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Hey, Randi… I don’t know about famous, but I’ve definitely used this example in a few workshops now. :)

    And thanks for the comment – it was good to learn more of the background behind what you were doing… and how it effected the kids. BTW, the snapfish solution was a pretty good one… I might’ve recommended, but the effect is probably about the same.

    As for how I knew about it… I’ve subscribed (using RSS) to as many blogs that were created in my workshops as possible. So, I get updates whenever you all post. I usually just skim them, but this one caught my attention. If you’re interested in RSS, here’s a post I recently wrote about it:

    In any case, it was cool to see how you’re using your blog – and fun to pass it on… keep up the innovative teaching! :)