Link: The Ethics Game – A Universal Language for Gaming?

The Ethics Game – A Universal Language for Gaming? (Via Academic Gamers.) The game itself is in Thai, but the concept (which is in keeping with Steven Johnson’s ideas about the value of video games) is not lost in translation: “teaching ethics through a video game is perfectly logical since a game can be used to model decisions and consequences.”

2 Responses to “Link: The Ethics Game – A Universal Language for Gaming?”

  1. zach whalen Says:

    It probably wasn’t too clear in my article (especially since I really use the game to introduce more general issues), but I just want to clarify my point in that quote you mention. I certainly meant that games do have the *potential* for modeling ethical (or unethical) behavior, but I don’t think The Ethics Game necessarily does a good job at that. My point was actually that since the game’s ethical content was mostly delivered through narration instead of gameplay, most of its points were lost on me, a non-Thai-speaker.

  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thanks for the comment, and for the clarification, Zach. I got that from your post, but the part I was most excited about was the excerpt I passed on. In any case, thanks for sharing your experience with the game.