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A conversation with Doug Belshaw – blogs (Via Google News – Educational Technology.) Look what showed up my Google News feed this morning (and on my custom Google News page, it turns out)… a conversation with one of my favorite edubloggers, Doug Belshaw in the UK. I’m as behind on reading his blog as all my other subscriptions right now, but I took a moment to skim this article. Doug talks about his experience with blogging and his use of wikis with his students and for his own studies. I think the biggest gem in the article is this quote from Doug:

It’s easier to talk to others in the blogosphere than others at my school.

I also appreciated this sentiment from his interviewer, Stewart… it’s something I’ve often thought, especially with respect to my own online classes at Walden Univeristy – and something I’ve complained about there, but have never written about here:

my biggest gripe with traditional course management systems is they take a transient approach to content – it’s there for the term, but gone afterward which ruins the real long-term benefit of putting work online.

2 Responses to “Link: A conversation with Doug Belshaw – blogs”

  1. Doug Belshaw Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Don’t worry about it – I don’t know anyone who reckons they’re completely on top of their RSS feed reading (if they are, they haven’t subscribed to enough blogs!)

    I hope the conversation with Stewart provokes further conversation, as I think we need to get the message out about the potential of the tools we are using, whilst be realistic about the barriers and potential problems folks are likely to face.


    PS Have you seen yet – my new(er) blog? :-)

  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Just what I needed… another subscription… but I subscribed. I expect I’ll pick up the occasional gem from you there, too. Thanks for the comment, Doug. :)