Google News, Groups, and Pages in the Classroom?

This may be too little too late… but is anyone using Google News, Google Groups, or Google Pages with your students? Do you have any specific examples you can share?

If so, let me know ASAP and perhaps they can be included in the next Google Teacher Academy. Even if ideas come in after the fact, I’m sure the materials can be edited for the future.

Thanks in advance!

I should’ve done this days ago… individual emails have gotten me few responses.

UPDATE 02/02/07: It’s not too late. I’m doing revisions this morning…

3 Responses to “Google News, Groups, and Pages in the Classroom?”

  1. Chris Craft Says:

    I use Google Pages with my classes, at least we have once so far. It’s a new idea, so we have not done too much, but I did have my kids use it to create little websites. We did it in the context of Google Apps for Your Domain so it was within my supervision.

    Chris Craft

  2. Lee Baber Says:

    Hello Mark, We are using them with our students in various collaborative projects. I love them but often need a work around for the required individual student emails. I don’t mind this fact since the platform is so versatile and works without a hitch from rough draft to publishing. I will be interested to see how far we can push the limits on the software! :) I would be happy to share any examples you like. ~Lee

  3. Mark Wagner Says:

    I finished a last minute rewrite of these on Monday night. Thank you both for your input and examples. I also ended up using this example from Angie Gallacher in Palm Springs… good stuff: and