Dissertation Guide Book?

I’ve got some more new posts in the wings, but in the meantime… can anyone recommend a good book on the dissertation writing process? I’ve got lots of little questions now that I am formally writing it and would love to have a reference handy. There’s a wide variety available through Amazon, but I’m hoping someone here can recommend one.

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  1. Allen Says:


    The fact that you are in the mode to write your dissertation after completing your 3 KAMs is wonderful and inspiring to me. I am in the Ed Tech program as well at Walden and am writing my first KAM after over a year of total procrastination (actually longer). I subscribed to the RSS feed and await the time to call you Dr. Wagner. Most kind regards.

  2. Jose A. Quiles Says:

    Hi Mark & Those Interested:

    I come to this post late, but I hope that those checking this entry will benefit from the sources listed in response to Mark’s question: Can anyone recommend a good book on the dissertation writing process?

    The main problem with this question is that no one book can provide all the answers, so herein I am recommending a list of four books on dissertation writing that together provide most the valuable wisdom necessary. Although the books are listed in order of priority, each one offers its own benefit and should be used.

    1) Rudestam, K. E., & Newton, R. R. (2001). Surviving your dissertation: A comprehensive guide to content and process (2nd ed.). Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.

    2) Glatthorn, A. A. & Joyner, R. L. (2005). Writing the winning thesis or dissertation: A step-by-step guide (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Corwin Press.

    3) Roberts, C. M. (2004). The dissertation journey: A practical and comprehensive guide to planning, writing, and defending your dissertation. New York, NY: Corwin Press.

    4) Clark, I. L. (2006). Writing the successful thesis and dissertation: Entering the conversation. NJ: Prentice Hall.

    Best wishes for much success!

  3. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thanks for the comment and the resources, Dr. Quiles. I’m home from NECC (and almost caught up), so I’ll be starting on chapter three this week. I hope it’s ok if I ping you with any methodology questions. :)