Learning More About Tablet PCs in Education

Since I’m leading a cohort of teachers through a Tablet PC Pilot Project, I finally decided to invest in my own. I purchased the same model they received from their district, an HP Compaq tc4200, only I got mine on eBay for $650… sans battery, charger, and stylus. I didn’t read the small print until after committing. Ouch. At anyrate, ordering the other parts separately, it was about $850… and I payed a bit of a premium to get it to me by the 28th for my workshop on the 29th.

I already have a MacBook with Parallels, so I can run OS X, Windows XP, and Fedora Linux on my laptop… but none of those had tablet features… so now I have a tablet. It’s the price of being a generalist, even in a specialized field like educational technology. Anyway, at least Conlay will be proud.

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  1. Skip Offenhauser Says:


    I am in the middle of leading my school thru a tablet project also. I have 30 6th graders at my school and they all will be receiving tablets in the next few months – exciting but scary. My district has been lagging in getting technology out to the teachers and the kids so I jumped on this opportunity when it came across my desk. Our tech department has been supportive and is working hard to make the school wireless. I looked at your wiki for your project. Would you mind if I leveraged (aka copied) elements from it? I will be coordinating and leading training not only for my school but other areas schools and any help I can get is welcomed. I would also welcome the opportunity for my teachers to collaborate and share learning. Good luck to you.