Wired News: Games Tackle Middle East Conflict

Wired News: Games Tackle Middle East Conflict Today I’m posting a few annotated links. This one points to a Wired news article that covers two amazing new games focused on helping players to understand the conflict in the Middle East. These two games, Global Conflicts: Palestine and PeaceMaker, represent the highest potential of serious games, games for change, and games in education. Check out the innovative game play described in the opening paragraph of the article:

I’m out on my first assignment as a Middle East correspondent for The New York Times, embedded with the Israeli Defense Forces in an area captured during the 1967 war. No one trusts me, not the IDF soldiers I’m with or the suspected terrorist they’ve been sent to collar. As I chat first with the soldiers, then with a captured Palestinian man named Khaled, my job is to build the trust I need to get the story.


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  1. Raj Boora Says:

    I’ve dropped a few paragraphs on games like this in the past and they are certainly the kinds of things that can get some people over the “tipping point” when it comes in interest in global affairs.

    Many people think that these far flung conflicts only involve troops and politicians, but there are so many more angles to a conflict. There are often documentaries here in Canada on “The Passionate Eye” (CBC/CBC Newsworld) that look at what reporters do to get their stories and one recently was much like the paragraph above.

    I can imagine the stealth version of the game – you are a civilian who is trying to escape being bombed, having to trade with anyone and everyone, all the time, just to get by.

  2. EDITing in the Dark » Global Conflicts : Palestine Says:

    […] Mark posted about this game already today, but this is a followup to the comment that I left on his blog.  I suggested that a stealth version of the game could be quite interesting as well.  Then I got to thinking that there are other ways that this tyoe of game could be played as an Alternate Reality Game where through some careful, and intesive planning a teacher may be able to guide thier students through their everyday lives and create connections to the gameworld that represents a global hotspot.  On a smaller scale, it may be doable by something as simple as creating a webquest. […]

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