Tabula Digita

Tabula Digita (Via Digital Illuminations.) Man! I really missed this at the closing session, which Eva and I did not attend. It did not appear to be a keynote or new content when I read the description in the program. My mistake. We missed Kathy Schrock and apparently we missed this, too:

Those of you at the closing session will remember that they announced that next year at NECC there would be a gaming tournament. They showed a movie previewing the game – one of the taglines was “Learn math or die trying.” It is a very interactive game focusing on algebra. The game is from Tabula Digita called Dimenxian. There is a demo version on their site.

I’ve mentioned Dimenxian here before and included it in my presentation as well. It seems the CEO of Tabula Digital, Ntiedo Etuk, was at NECC also and served as a panelist on a session that I also missed. It’s a big conference.

2 Responses to “Tabula Digita”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Mark,
    Which Kathy Schrock presentation did you miss, that you wanted to see.? I went to her primary sources one and posted info about it on Adam’s Tech Spot. It was fabulous!

  2. Zachary Hall Says:

    this game rocks