Eva Wagner on CUE 2006

CUE 2006! (Via Woodland Technology.) Here are Eva’s notes from the sessions she attended at CUE, posted on a technology blog she keeps for the tech team (and other faculty) at her school site. She also presented Using Technology to Support Houghton Mifflin (p. 27) and Movie Magic (p. 32), a hands-on session with iMovie showing teachers how to create their own Reading Rainbow style movies with students and their favorite books. Eva teaches kindergarden using a blog at Mrs. Wagner’s Class. She also maintains Kindergarden Computer Centers and Games 4 Kids.

Yup, I’m proud of my wife. ;)

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    […] Chicago Tribune | Blogs taking a seat in, out of classrooms (Via Christine Olmstead.) This article is a good article on blogs in schools, with quotes from David Warlick and Will Richardson, and the suggestion that “Blogs are relatively easy to set up and are user-friendly, making them effective tools even for teachers with kindergarten students.” That’s the only time I’ve heard that outside of one of my presentations with examples of Eva’s work. […]