Participants on Blogs

I asked this session, “What are blogs?” Some answers were: online journals, web logs, and online conversations.

No one in the room knew what the read/write web was! So here we go…

2 Responses to “Participants on Blogs”

  1. Cue 9:30 am class Says:

    Hiya Mark,,, great job this morning!

  2. Gail Desler Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I very much enjoyed your CUE session and would like to explore classroom use of WordPress blogs, particularly how they compare to Manila weblogs (what I currently use). For a number of reasons, I want to restrict posting to members only. My district does not issue student email accounts, so how would I enter students and provide each with a unique password? In Manila, I can use a option. Is there something similar in WordPress?