Should we be going to a 1:1 arrangement in our schools?

1:1? (Via 2 Cents Worth.) David Warlick: “it won’t work in a 20th century classroom.” This is not to say it won’t work. Warlick suggests that issues of tech support and professional development need to be addressed… but, surprisingly, given the quote above, he doesn’t really get into how the classroom would have to change to be a “21st century classroom”, though he certainly does elsewhere in 2 Cents Worth. I appreciated the optimistic (and pragmatic) final question: “What stories do you go out and tell your community to convince them that being ready for their future requires that children have convenient access to networked digital information?”

Perhaps I need a 1:1 category for these referrals? I suppose this topic will only get more important.

3 Responses to “Should we be going to a 1:1 arrangement in our schools?”

  1. David Warlick Says:

    Thanks for the link, Mark. I describe my own vision of the 21st century classroom throughout my blog and podcasts. But in a nutshell, it is where

    Literacy has been redefined to reflect the changing nature of information (thanks to ICT),
    It is contemporary literacy that is being integrated into the learning experience, not technology,
    Teacher help students learn to teach themselves (through contemporary literacy), rather than teaching them how to be taught,
    Where the required standards are shallow and the curriculum that students can explore and develop on their own are deep,
    It is as important for students to learn to produce content as it is learning how to responsibly consume content, and
    Where learning and teaching are allowed to be fun. In fact, it’s required ;-)

    Mark, I love your sub title.

    — dave —

  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thanks for the elaboration (and supportive feedback), Dave.

    Regarding teachers helping “students learn to teach themselves”… we really run with Prensky’s Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants metaphor at the OCDE. We’re calling ourselves Digital Aliens now… as in card carrying resident aliens. So I really appreciated your post suggesting that digital natives teach themselves! One of my overarching goals in professional development is to help teachers (immigrants) feel that they, too, can teach themselves. ;)

  3. Educational Technology and Life » Blog Archive » David Warlick at CUE 2006 Says:

    […] I was busy supporting an OCDE presentation at the time Warlick was presenting. My wife, Eva, was presenting at the same time as well. I did manage to duck out and watch a few minutes of each of their presentations – enough at least to get the feel for the content and the chemistry in the room. Later, I walked past Warlick and CUE president Scott Smith, and after a moment’s pause, turned around and apologized to Scott for interrupting – at which point he was kind enough to introduce me to David. I knew he was on his way home, and I was still running about, so it was a quick exchange… but enough for me to appreciate what it’s like to hear his voice and talk to him in real life, and I hope he was able to put a face to a name and feel the same way. (Warlick has commented on this blog from time to time, and I’ve certainly enjoyed his 2 Cents Worth and his book, Raw Materials for the Mind.) […]