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Google Scholar and the rise of findability in (re)search

Monday, March 6th, 2006

Google Scholar and the rise of findability in (re)search (Via UBC Google Scholar Blog.) “In this teleconference, we look at Google Scholar, evaluate its interface, coverage, pluses and minuses. The session will attempt to put into context what Google Scholar means to the future of searching, standards and findability on the web.” WIKINDX

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006 WIKINDX (Via – Technology In Academia — Connect @ EDUCAUSE.) I’ve been interested in the idea of blogging as an element of formal research, but had not yet thought of the role wikis might play… then I read this:

WIKINDX is a single or multi-user research environment storing searchable bibliographies, notes and citations and integrated with a WYSIWYG word processor for the authoring of publication-ready articles automatically formatted to chosen citation styles.

Peer Review in the Google Age

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Peer Review in the Google Age (Via Drexel CoAS E-Learning.) Jean-Claude Bardley: “There is plenty of room for both types of communication. First disclose, then discuss and finally convince when necessary.”

Jean-Claude has posted a discussion of peer-review’s roll in the age of Google (and the read/write web), complete with lots of links to similar discussions online. This definitely belongs in my new Research category, as I consider ways this blog might play a roll in my formal dissertation process this year… and ways I might convince my committee this is a good idea. ;)

Unquestionably, this blog is already playing part of the roll Jean-Claude describes. I am disclosing much of my research as I do it and process it for the first time. The connections and conversations with other authors and practitioners here have proved invaluable in developing my ideas… and I hope that many of them will be interested in participating in my upcoming formal Delphi study.

More on Dissertations, Blogs, Knowledge, etc.

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

More on Dissertations, Blogs, Knowledge, etc. (Via i d e a n t.) I’m thrilled to see this discussion is still kicking. I’ll need to keep an eye on it (and hopefully contribute), and with any luck and a cooperative committee, perhaps I’ll be able to push the envelope here!

The Blog as Dissertation Literature Review?

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

The Blog as Dissertation Literature Review?

Can a certain type of academic blogging be a more adequate form of literature review than the traditional chapter in a dissertation? In this post, I employ the rubric proposed by Boote et al. (2005) to determine whether blogging can be considered a form of literature review. I also make some suggestions for how blogging may be incorporated formally into the research and writing activities of some doctoral students, although it certainly might not be useful to others. I am not suggesting that this single post is my literature review; I am merely providing a map that outlines how my blogging during the past years constitutes a form of ongoing literature review. (Via i d e a n t.)

This is a topic I have a great deal of interest in, and of course I found it worth passing on here (as opposed to in my FURL archive). I noted that Constance Steinkuehler used her web space as a part of her formal dissertation. Though this wasn’t exactly a blog, it got me thinking along the same lines as Ulises at ideant. I definitely need to spend more time with his detailed post, too.

I would love to hear any comments any of you may have on this topic.

Delphi Studies

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Delphi Studies

This is fellow Walden Ed Tech Ph.D. student Jarek Janio’s website about the Delphi method, which I am also considering using for my dissertation study.