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Links for 08/29/2008

Friday, August 29th, 2008
  • Photosynth Victor Guthrie, IT Director at Laguna Beach USD, just sent this to me. It looks like a cool new service – sort of like a 3D version of Animoto (without the music). Let me know if you like it – it’s Windows only and I’m working on my Mac today. :( tags: images, photosynth

Links for 08/28/2008

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

KAM III: School Change and Video Games

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

I should’ve posted this a year ago, but since I’ve just got an email request for the document I’m taking this opportunity to set that to right and post it here on the blog. Here is the overview from the document:

This Knowledge Area Module (KAM) focuses on developing a working theory of school change that can be used to guide the integration of emerging educational technologies, such as video games and simulations. To produce a preliminary theory, the breadth portion of the KAM begins with a synthesis of Senge, Evans, and Fullan’s work in school change. Then to further develop the theory, this is followed in the depth portion of the KAM by a synthesis of prominent theories of professional learning communities. Prominent theorists who are included in this examination are DuFour & DuFour, Wald & Castlebury, Huffman & Hipp, Roberts & Pruit, Hord, and Stone & Cuper. In addition, an annotated bibliography of 15 articles is also appended to the depth demonstration. Throughout the breadth and the depth portions of the KAM, these theories of school change are related to the integration of emerging educational technologies, such as video games and simulations. Finally, the application portion concludes with the explicated design of a three-hour professional development session to provide educational leaders with guidance in facilitating the process of implementing school change of this sort at their sites and in their programs.

The full text is available for download here: Core Knowledge Area Module Number 3: Principles of Social SystemsSchool Change and the Integration of Video Games as an Educational Technology.

Also, here’s a link to a post with the overview of my previous two KAMs, with the full text again available for download: Social Constructivist Theory and Video Games in Education

Links for 08/22/2008

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
  • reQall: What’s reQall I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like a possible alternative to Jott, which just started charging (and which the teachers in my multimedia workshop just learned about today). It also looks like it might play the roll of Remember the Milk or I Want Sandy. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried it.tags: audio, tools, productivity
  • Adding photo favorites on Google Picasa I’m currently leading a four day multimedia workshop for teachers. They learned Picasa and Picasa Web on day one, so I imagine some will be glad to hear about this new feature.tags: google, picasa
  • Fire Uploader I have another new favorite Firefox extension… among other things, Fire Uploader can mass upload documents to Google Docs – just like an old school FTP program. Now you can “move into” the cloud by dragging and dropping. tags: googledocs, firefox, tools

This is a demo post…

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

This is a demo post in front of a room full of teachers [in the] Laguna Beach Unified School District. We’re about a half a mile [from] the ocean and I think everybody is itching to be out of here in 30 minutes. listen

Powered by Jott

UPDATE: I spoke this post into my phone and the words above were transcribed by Jott. The parts I edited after the fact are now in brackets.

Ready To Ditch Diigo… Suggestions?

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Despite this thoughtful tweet, I’m now welcomed by the message below when I check in on my daily blog post settings at diigo. Well, I’m not loving this service. Any suggestions?



Sorry, we are either doing a backend upgrade, or experiencing some temporary difficulties.

Please try again later.

If the problem persists, please kindly report to us.

Links for 2008-08-18 to 2008-08-19

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

So a few days ago I jumped ship from becuase their updates broke the daily blog post feature. I starting using diigo for my social bookmarking… just in time for their updates to break their daily blog post feature! They swear it will be back up tonight, so I’ve just bookmarked something good. :)

In the meantime, here’s a few gems from the last few days:

Sojourner Truth Academy Opens in NOLA

Monday, August 18th, 2008

NPR has done an interview with my cousin, Channa Cook, whose charter school, the Sojourner Truth Academy, opens in New Orleans this month. It’s an amazing project… and a good listen.

Charter Schools Bloom In New Orleans

by Andrea Hsu

Listen Now [3 min 55 sec]

Channa Cook, principal of Sojourner Truth Academy, sits in a classroom at her school.

Channa Cook, principal of Sojourner Truth Academy, sits in a classroom at her school. The 28-year-old is among the educators fueling the boom of charter schools in New Orleans.

All Things Considered, August 14, 2008 · Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has become a laboratory of sorts for charter schools.

Seven new ones are opening this month — supported by millions of dollars in federal and private grants.

The funding draws educators like 28-year-old Channa Cook to New Orleans.

Links for 2008-08-08 to 2007-08-13

Sunday, August 17th, 2008 hasn’t been posting my daily links for a few weeks – I guess there’s some kind of upgrade going on over there. So I’ve finally (and happily) jumped ship to Diigo, which should post a daily post tonight. In the meantime, here’s everything from that didn’t get posted here, including some real gems. Enjoy.

Note: I imported all my bookmarks from to diigo already – and then just cut and paste this list into ScribeFire and cleaned it up. I have a new favorite blogging tool now, too. ;)

Google Teacher Academy: Chicago

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

The next Google Teacher Academy (GTA) has been announced. I’ve said this before, but I’m thrilled to be involved with this project – and to share it with you here on the this blog. As with all previous GTA events, tech savvy educators and professional developers in the local area can apply to participate in the special full-day workshop. And as with the last GTA, the application process is also open to anyone, including educators out of the area, out of the state, or even out of the country (with the understanding that Google doesn’t cover travel or lodging). In other words, any of you who feel you meet the criteria for application are invited to apply!

Below is the official announcement and invitation to apply:

Google Teacher Academy – Chicago
Chicago, IL
September 24, 2008
Applications Due: August 24, 2008

We are pleased to announce that another round of Google’s FREE training program for K-12 educators is coming to the windy city! Outstanding educators from around the world are encouraged to apply for the Google Teacher Academy taking place on Wednesday, September 24, 2008.

The GTA is an intensive, one-day event (8:30am-7:30pm) where participants get hands-on experience with Google’s free products and other technologies, learn about innovative instructional strategies, collaborate with exceptional educators, and immerse themselves in an innovative corporate environment. Upon completion, GTA participants become Google Certified Teachers who share what they learn with other K-12 educators in their local region.

50 outstanding educators from around the world will be selected to attend the GTA based on their passion for teaching, their experience as leaders, and their use of technology in K-12 settings. Each applicant is REQUIRED to produce and submit an original one-minute video on either of the following topics: “Motivation and Learning” or “Classroom Innovation.” Applications for the event in Chicago are due on August 24, 2008. If possible, please use Google Video or YouTube to post these original videos. Participants must provide their own travel, and if necessary, their own lodging. Though we will give preference to K-12 educators within a 90-minute local commute of an Academy event, anyone may apply.

Learn more about the program and the application at

The GTAs have been a wonderful experience for everyone involved, with 97% of all attendees rating the GTA as “outstanding.”

Here are a few quotes from GTA participants:

“The academy was everything I hoped for and more! I can’t wait to plan out ways to use the tools we learned about, to share my experiences with my colleagues and to re-connect with the other academy participants!”
“The focus on innovation in education, and not just about the tools, was right on target.”
“I appreciate the opportunity to be connected to a group of educators that are passionate about preparing students for the 21st century. I feel inspired and able to meet the challenges that lie ahead!”
“Until now, I had never attended a conference where I was so engaged and loving every minute of it.”
“This was easily the most important professional development experience I have ever had as an educator. World-class tools demonstrated by world-class people at a world-class facility. THANK YOU!”
“I love [the Google Certified Teacher community] for the ideas and inspiration that comes flowing to and from it…folks share professional development strategies (technology or otherwise) that have worked. It’s nice to have a variety of ways to assist others and having that variety also provides spice for those of us responsible for doing the providing.”

Feel free to send any questions to “”, and please spread the word to anyone who may be interested in joining us.

We’re looking forward to another great event!

– The GTA Team

Google Teacher Academy
September 24, 2008

Chicago, IL

Applications Due: August 24, 2008

Note: Another GTA is currently being planned for New York City in November 2008. Sign up for the Google Teacher Newsletter on the front page of Google for Educators site to receive more detailed information soon.

I’m excited that Google has continued it’s support for this program and that we’ve been able to announce another GTA so soon after the last one. (And, as you may have noted, there’s one more coming before the end of the year!) Thanks goes to Cristin Frodella for making this happen at Google, and to the folks at CUE (particularly Mike Lawrence) and at WestEd (particularly Allison Merrick) for making this a reality. Thanks also go to Lucy Gray for her role in planning the Chicago event.

See you in Chicago! ;)

UPDATE: By the way, Google for Educators announced two other cool projects today, Letters to The Next President and Google Elections Video Search.

Incidentally, I know I’ve been posting about Google a lot lately, but in addition to my paid role as the coordinator of the GTA I’m just genuinely excited by a lot of what they’re doing these days. :)